Fazenda Santa Esther
Espaço Criativo
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Drone view of Fazenda Santa Esther.

Drone view of Fazenda Santa Esther.

Located in Amparo (SP), Brazil, 125 km away from São Paulo city, Fazenda Santa Esther is part of a XIX century coffee farm called Fazenda São Rafael. Many of its constructions dates back to the end of the XIX century, like the old tulha (place to store and benefit coffee), the main house, the workers house, the little chapel, the barn, among others. Other are more modern, like the kiosk and the chapel, that dates back to the 1950's and is inspired in a XII century church from Catalunya called Saint Climent de Taüll, the region where the former owner Mr. Javier Faus Esteves was from.

In the peak of its production, the farm produced coffee, fruits, eggs and chicken. Along the last decades of the XX century, it started to shift its agrarian production to leisure. In the early 1990's, the former owners died and Fazenda São Rafael was divided into 3 parts, one of them name Fazenda Santa Esther in a tribute for one of the former owners, Mrs. Esther Ferreira. It was during that time that the current owners bought the property.

Since them, most of the buildings have been remodelled according to the original characteristics of the time and adapter for its then main economic activity: hosting weddings celebrations. In 2015, Bruno Paschoal and Bárbara Marra decided to move from Berlin to the farm and turn it into their home, work space and a place to host friends and experiment new ruralities.

Today the farm hosts workshops, immersions, retreats, courses, projects and celebrations. The farm has dairy cows, vegetable garden, produces organic delicacies and even sell some of its products. It also offers cozy rooms together with a work and leisure infrastructure. In Santa Esther, the production is not just agrarian: here we also produce and grow creativity, innovation and sustainable and non-violent practices. 

The farm hosts volunteers from different parts of the world all year long to help in the daily farm tasks and in the product of events and experiencies. If you want to know more about our volunteer program and its exchanges, please contact us.

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