Fazenda Santa Esther
Espaço Criativo


Getting Here



FSE is located at Rodovia SP360, km 124.3, in front of Fazenda dos Imigrantes. Just put in Waze or Google Maps "Fazenda Santa Esther" and you will be given the way. From São Paulo, we recommend getting Rodovia dos Bandeirantes and exiting in Rodovia SP360. From Campinas, get Rodovia Dom Pedro I and then Rodovia SP360. From Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte, get Fernão Dias, exit in Bragança and then get Rodovia SP095 until Rodovia SP360. 

The average cost of an Über trip from São Paulo is R$ 250 and from Campinas R$ 150.



From São Paulo: the company called Rápido Fênix has three daily buses to Amparo that stops in front of FSE. The times of departure are 06:30, 11:00 and 16:00 and the price is around R$ 50 (buses at other times do not stop here as they make another way). Take all your bags up with you and ask the bus driver to stop in Fazenda Santa Esther, in front of Fazenda dos Imigrantes, between Morungaba and Amparo. Here is the link for buying your ticket.

From Campinas: the company called Expresso Metropolis has several daily buses to Amparo. None of them stops in front of FSE, therefore you would go to Amparo bus station and get a taxi here (the cost is around R$ 35). Here is the link to buy your ticket.



The two closest airports are the São Paulo international Airport (GRU) and the Campinas International Airport (VCP). From both, we recommend coming by Über, with an average cost of R$ 230 from GRU and R$ 180 from VCP. In case you prefer to come by bus, get a bus from the airport to SP or Campinas bus station and follow the instructions on how to come by bus.